Monday, January 25, 2010

Please help us to defend our title as The Best Wedding Reception Venue! It was such an honor to win last year and we are hoping to have another victory in 2010.

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Announcing winners!

Is very excited to announce the winner of the "Become a Fan Challenge"! Drum roll please....Congratulations to Molly Meyer & Matt Meyung! They introduced us to 200 new friends and earned themselves a $250 gift certificate to The Madison and tickets for our Veils & Cocktails event.

2nd place goes to Tricia Dorman! We received this very sweet letter from Tricia:

"Whatever the outcome it's been a great experience. I reached out to all my friends through an event page and it was amazing to see how many friends and friends of friends cared. Everything from gradeschool to grad school and everything in between. Truly the best present we could ask for by far.

I just wanted to say thanks for sponsoring this contest. Just participating has been a blessing for us. Best wishes to all the staff at Fab Bridal and the Madison. My birthday present each year is the Saturday Salon in October and I'm a huge fan of your organizations and all the philanthropy efforts on behalf of animals. Glad to have you in our community!"

Seriously? MELTS MY HEART! Tricia, we are so happy to have you in our community to support us. Having brides like you is what keeps us loving the work we do! We love that you introduced us to 170 new friends! As a thank you we'd like to share with you 2 Veils and Cocktails tickets and a $100 gift certificate to The Madison!

Thank you to everyone who participated! it was a blast!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun NYE Contest

While the Naked Karate Girls have this awesome conest, we are considering raffling off dates with Ponch, Mustang, and Teepee!

Monday, November 23, 2009

BOOtiful Centerpieces! Ha!

Just wanted to show off the pumpkin that Chef Kevin (Chevin as we call him) carved for Halloween.

So these are my favorite centerpieces that I have ever seen at The Madison. I literally walked into the room, pouted, and in a whiny voice said "I want this to be my wedding." It was total pathetic wedding envy. Melissa and Ben, I loved your wedding!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Year's Eve Celebration

Wow! From today until the end of the year we are jam packed full of holidays! Of course here at The Madison we are looking toward "The Big One". New Year's Eve is our staff's favorite night of the year. Sure we work our butts off processing credit cards, mailing tickets, and planning up until the day, but by the time it hits we are so elated (or possibly it's slap happiness) that we let loose!

This year we have some awesome entertainment lined up. Our favorite DJ in the Crystal ballroom, L-Train with Maize Music! You've seen him in the hippest Cincinnati bars, he DJ'd your friend's reception, and he has been known to show up with yummy Jamaican jerk!

Naked Karate Girls will be in full force in the Grande Ballroom. Although, we have actually had people ask how we have pulled off being allowed to do this, let me assure you there will not actually be unclothed martial art chicks. If there are, please know that we did not pay them! That's my story and I am sticking to it.

We just booked The Leroy Ellington Band for The Emerald Ballroom. From what I understand they are the crowd-pleasers and will surely help ring in a new year with style.

Add in free parking, buffet dinner, hors d'oeurves, drinks, a photobooth provided by Shutterbooth, and friends and this party will not disappoint. Oh oh oh! We'll also be serving a breakfast buffet at midnight. Sorry Anchor Grill and Waffle House we won't be needing you tonight!

If VIP is more your style, plan on a private bar, your own champagne bottle, and a menu that includes Beef Tenderloin served with a truffle cream sauce, lobster themodore, and many more goodies.

50 days and counting!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brides Giving Back

We are super excited to be participating in "Brides Giving Back". What an awesome way to get discounts for your wedding! Our barrel for donations was delivered yesterday just in time for our first bride's donations. Thank you, Melissa Sloan!!!!! I am sure your guests will enjoy that half-price bar!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it really time for holiday parties?

It feels like just last week that we were gearing up for wedding season. Even though October is still a huge month for weddings we are already looking toward holiday parties. We have so many awesome organizations, big and small, that we have the pleasure of hosting parties for this year. Last year we had a great time with the Nielsen Company's annual party. They were so great to work with and the party was A BLAST! We're talking karaoke, a dance party, and a game room. First, I have to give it up for anyone who had the nerve to sing karaoke in front of their co-workers. Our own little office jingles and Happy Birthday renditions are plenty enough for me! Did I mention they had a game room? The Nintendo Wii rented from Black Diamond was a hit and our entire office got to try it out beforehand. No wonder that thing was the biggest gift to give last Christmas. LOADS of fun! Seriously, why can't I bowl that well in real life?

More than anything else I am looking forward to the holiday spirit that comes along with the parties. The guests are so amazing at this time of year it melts my heart. We hear awesome stories of goodwill and donations. It's so easy to have too much on your plate. Gift buying, errand running and Christmas cards can consume your life, but I am always amazed at the holiday party crowds. For a few hours you manage to forget about the woman at the store who ran you over with a cart for an Easy-Bake oven, the creepster who stole your parking spot at the Mall, and the hundreds of cookies you are baking for your child's classroom. Every year there is a moment where I slow down, realize I am surrounded by awesome people, feel so grateful, and just breathe in. I swear it is the moment I wait for all year long. It simply re-energizes me and reminds that holidays are for the soul!